Collinsville Area Shred Day in Collinsville, IL | July 13, 2024 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am 

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FCB Banks

NMLS # 418466


Adam Hanebrink


Douglas Eggemeyer


Cory Dehler

Nikki Perkins

Collinsville (Beltline Rd.)

Bruce Cope
Cory Dehler
Scott Prsha
Dominic Zavaglia

Collinsville (Hwy 157)

Cory Dehler


Jeanne Maes

Kurt Stumpf


Matthew Benway
Robert Cacioppo

James DeMoulin
Anna Kuczka
Dave Toby

Florissant, MO

Jeannine Murphy


Karen Feldmann
Adam Hanebrink
Wayne P. Steiner


Deb Gaultney
Brian Reeves

New Baden

Jim Carlson
Kevin Kohlbrecher
Jim Kreke


Brandon Bullock
Mike Edwards
Kelli Latinette
Jeff Silvey


Brandon Bullock
Jeff Burgner 

Jon Daugherty
Ed Kovach
Debbie Rockwell

Kelli Latinette

South County, MO

Ken Lake
Bruno Mruckovski
Christine Torretta


Barbara Gerstner


Nathan Hovatter

West County, MO

Scott Prsha

Ed Wilhelm

Commercial Lending


James DeMoulin


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