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Overdraft Allowance*

At FCB Banks we understand how unpredictable life can be. Overdraft Allowance provides you peace of mind by authorizing FCB to pay overdraft checks, ACH items, and recurring debit card transactions up to $500. By paying overdraft items, you ensure emergency expenses are covered and avoid costly merchant return fees.

With Overdraft Allowance FCB Banks may authorize and pay up to $500 of the following transaction types:

  • Checks
  • Online Banking Bill Payments
  • ACH Items (Automatic payments using your account number)
  • Recurring Debit Card Purchases (Automatic payments using your debit card number)

"Opt In" to allow FCB Banks to authorize and pay these additional transaction types up to $500:

  • Stand Alone Debit Card Purchases (One time debit card purchases)
  • ATM Withdrawals

There is no fee for Overdraft Allowance. In the event that you do overdraw your account, you will be assessed FCB Banks' standard insufficient funds and overdrawn account fees.

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Click here to enroll online. Be sure to list all checking account numbers that you would like covered by Overdraft Allowance. Ready to "Opt In" as well? The ATM/Debit Card Opt-In Authorization form immediately follows the Overdraft Allowance Authorization form.

Prefer the personal touch? Drop by any FCB location to learn more about Overdraft Allowance. One of our New Accounts Representatives will be happy to help you through the enrollment process.

Please note: FCB Banks authorizes overdraft items at our discretion. This means, we cannot guarantee the authorization and payment of any type of transaction.

*New accounts must be established for a minimum of 60 days with a positive balance and a regular monthly deposit averaging $250 or greater. Existing accounts must have maintained a positive balance for a minimum of 10 business days during the previous statement cycle. Account must be brought to a positive balance every 30 days and a positive balance must be maintained for a minimum of 1 business day. Customer must not be more than 30 days late on any loan or other obligation with FCB. Customer must not be subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.

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